Dott. Giorgio Paoluzzi Tomada – Psychotherapist Doctor

Fabiola Grassi – Counselor

The grief is a painful experience that comes together with the loss of a beloved person and affects every human soul without distinction and at any age.

Going through the grief means going through the pain in all its forms: shame, sense of guilty, sadness, fear, loneliness, feeling empty, psychosomatic pain, fear of not being able to survive to our own pain.

Our contribution, while sharing moments of intimacy, is about helping people finding more serenity in their mind and when remembering their beloved that passed away, so that the pain would be no more the owner of their existence.


– One-to-one or family interviews.
– Targeted interventions on kids and teenagers.
– Supporting groups.



Paoluzzi Tomada Dr. Giorgio
Via Natisone, 24, 33044 Manzano (UD)
Telefono: +39 0432 750747
Email: giorgiotomada@icloud.com
Email: grassifabiola@gmail.com

C.F: PLZ GRG 59L31L483R
P.Iva: 01766120305

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